Private Family Bike Tour

About This Tour

Our Private Family Bike Tour was inspired by biking all over the city for years with our own kids.

Private family bike tours are perfect for families who want to discover Paris in a kid-friendly, safe and fun setting. You’ll be sure to get the most out of your time in Paris by taking this fun and interactive bike tour with our awesome guides. Kids of all ages are welcome as we have kids’ bikes, tandem attachments, baby seats, and all the accessories to travel safely & in style.


Private tours go at your pace, so if you need a quick croissant, photo op, French pastry, or bathroom break- we’ve got you covered. We’ve got kids’ bikes, tandem attachments, baby seats, and all the accessories to travel safely & in style.

Tours typically last about 3 to 3.5 hours with plenty of stops along the way.

To book your tour, select a date & time on our calendar on the right.

If your date or time isn’t available or you looking for a last-minute tour (within 24hrs) please send us an email.


To book this tour select the number of participants and the date then click the ‘book now’ button. We will confirm the booking with you and can work out any specifics, like kids bikes etc, via email.

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