Private Group Tours

A tour just for your group

If you’re coming to Paris with a group you can book a private group bike tour.


You will have your own expert guide to show you the best and most interesting parts of the city with a choice of our Hidden Paris route or our Monuments route. These tours are recommended for school groups, corporate events, etc. (To book a family tour click here.)

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    From Our Tours #bikeabouttours

    The Notre Dame! Still standing tall after 800 years, and the fire of 2019. We are told it will be fully repaired by 2024. Do you think it will done by then?
    Riding in style, no matter the weather!
    Even as the cold weather sets in over Paris, our tours are still going! Bundle up! ❄️🌨️ 📸: @myparisportraits
    One of our favorite museums and definitely one of the prettiest doors in Paris! Did you know the Petit Palais’ permanent collection is free year round?! 🌟✨A must see during your trip!
    Meet the tour guide! This is Simon! A “Brit-stralian”, with impeccable humor, he’s know for his constant fun facts, side streets, space invader knowledge, impressions, and an accent that confuses everyone, including himself! We have been so lucky to have him on our team, and everyone who has been on his tour loves him! Have you been on Simon’s tour?
    Even as the temperatures cool down, we are still hitting the roads and sharing our favorite spots in Paris with all of you! Bundle up with us! 🍁🍂
    We are loving watching the fall colors in Paris! photo by: @photosbymarley
    We have some of the best tour guides ever! Pictured here is Simon. He has some amazing stories, knows where ever space invader is, and is always on the hunt for good coffee. We love having him on our team and you’ll love having him as your guide!
    Our tours all take off from our coffee shop in the heart of the Marais! Show up early for some of our amazing coffee, our friendly and talented baristas, and some great community! photo by: @paris.coffeeshops
    Our Versailles Tour takes you through some of the 2,000 acres of Versailles to places you might not make it to on foot. Pictured here is Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet, one of our guides and guests favorite parts of the tour! 📸:@myparisportraits
    Nothing is more fun than falling in love with Paris while biking with new friends! 💛🚲
    Join our Hidden Paris Tour to discover this super colorful spot! 📸: @myparisportraits 🤩
    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a 🚲tour guide in Paris? Well, tomorrow our tour guide and social media manager Marley will be showing YOU her day in Paris🥖🇫🇷 Join in SUNDAY 10h00 and follow our stories to see a tour guide’s day in Paris! Let us know what you want to see! ✨🌟 📸: _falsehope_
    When people ask "is Paris bike friendly"...😍
    Interested in riding out of Paris? Getting a little exercise while on vacation? Experiencing our canyon fleet? Contact us via dm, email, or WhatsApp and ask about our road rides and what we can offer.
    Spotlight on Joshua, explaining the history of the Bastille and the Canal St Martin, right in the heart of Paris.
    Private family bike tour anyone? We have everything you need for your family to feel safe on tour, from child seats to tag alongs to children's bikes, and helmets of course! ... what are you waiting for? Private tours are available to book online at any time! Just select the number of people, which bikes you need for the children, and which tour you'd prefer - Hidden or Monuments (when it's private, it's your choice!)
    Missing our warm, summer, terrace days...
    Winter days on the Champs Elysées 🥶
    We've got our city tours down - we take you to some of the best sites in Paris on our Monuments tour, and some of the lesser known sites on our Hidden tours. We're known in Versailles for our small group tours and guides with extensive historical knowledge... but what do you think - should we make road rides available to book as well?? It's always in the back of our minds...
    Happy February! This is the last month of our "off season" where we only offer private tours - next month you'll notice our calendar picks up with group Paris tours toute de suite, and even Versailles. Our cycling club will kick off again in March, too. For February, we invite you to join us on a private tour of Hidden Paris or Paris Monuments - or both! Booking is possible online, and you're guaranteed to have a ball!
    We often get the question "are your tours suitable for kids?" and the answer is always YES! Our Paris and Versailles tours are all kid-friendly, with very few hills, fun guides, and bikes available in all sizes. From ages 18 months and upward, we've got you sorted. What are you waiting for?
    We have officially been in renovation for one week! That means it's been one week since you've seen Paul outside the café, drawing people in with his charm and incredible story-telling skills. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll still get to go riding with him while the café is closed... As one of the owners of Le Peloton Café and Bike About Tours, Paul is always thinking and dreaming up what might come next to make this community even more incredible - you can practically see the stars in his eyes! Remember - if you're visiting during renovations, we've still got bikes available to rent and private tours to show you the city. Don't forget to reach out with any questions... or just to say hi!
    Today is our first weekend with a closed café! Luckily the stars aligned to make this renovation happen during the low season of tourism - that means when things start to pick up again (ie when YOU book your trip to Paris) in March, we will hopefully be prepping for the grand re-opening! Our bike tours will continue to meet here for our 2022 season - and don't worry, even though the café is temporarily closed, we are still running private tours and renting bikes out. Shoot us an email, or even a WhatsApp, and we'll get you sorted!
    If you emailed us with inquiries about tours in the last two years, you may have received a response from this guy - Christian is one of the owners of Bike About Tours and Le Peloton Café. An avid enthusiast of all things bikes, Christian is usually leading our Endurance club rides or researching more cycling companies about Peloton Café branded gear - we have a feeling there will be some exciting new things coming up, now that the café is closed for renovation and he has more time to make new dreams a reality! Don't worry - the café will be open again mid-March for all of your pre-tour waffle needs!
    You'll learn a think or two about the famous Wallace Fountains on our Hidden Paris tour, distributing crisp, delicious, potable water... how many do you think are in the Paris?
    The magnificent Pont des Arts (which you may know as  the old love lock bridge) leading up to the Institute of France on a sunny afternoon.
    What on earth is Joshua saying? Find out on our Hidden Paris tour, which takes you by Bastille, and the canal, for some awesome historical anecdotes and other curious tales...
    Sunset in Paris🌙